Curcumin & IP6

I first came across Curcumin at Margarets Blog, which is a massive hive of useful and up to date information. I was quite taken by the whole curcumin thing and followed her research up, found my own evidence and decided to try it.  I started taking 8g per day in 2 g doses, each with a 1000mg fish oils capsule. No harm done to me, and no change really. At that time blood tests were once a month and I could see the haemoglobin still dropping, as were white cell counts. It didn’t seem to be working for me, and I guess it might have needed 9 months or so to get going but it was looking like I didn’t have 9 months to wait. There is evidence to suggest that Curcumin works to make anemia worse in some cases and I stopped it at one point, concerned it was counterproductive.

I also came across a case study of IP6 and Inositol use as supplements, apparently keeping someone smouldering for 12 years or so – amazing stuff. Off I went one that one, not really knowing if it would make any difference. Well, things were steadily getting worse for me, bone pain starting to make life difficult, consultant getting agitated, and finally blood counts showing nasty things starting to happen. So, I agreed to treatment and before that I dropped all supplements. As luck would have it I had a blood test a couple of days after dropping them and to my amazement some of the counts jumped up very quickly. In my mind it showed that IP6 was actually working for some parts of Myeloma, but not all – look at the vertical line of the graph, thats where I stopped.

I plan to go back to the supplements after treatment is done, in the hope they will help with longer term maintenance.

2 Responses to Curcumin & IP6

  1. Gino Colangelo says:

    Can I ask why you took the fish oil with the curcumin, and whether you took the curcumin in capsule form? Also, can you tell me something about IP6 and Inositol? I never heard of those supplements.

    I was diagnosed in 1/09 with kidney failure. I had an auto stem cell transplant in 11/09 and have been in remission since.



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